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Wuyang Holiday Hotel Hangzhou is located next to Liulang Wenying on the Nanshan Road, full of artistic atmosphere. It meets the lips and teeth of a lake, meets the corner of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. Lei Feng Xi Zhao, the back view of the city, flying clouds, blue waves and mountains at your fingertips, misty rain and misty tenderness into dreams.

The hotel adopts the Art Deco decoration design style of transitioning from neoclassicalism to modernism. Based on a large area of black and white style, the hotel is decorated with colorful leather products and fabric ornaments, emphasizing clean geometric lines. The mix and match contains the designers of various countries. Ingenuity and ingenuity.

Hotel specially invited a team of well-known designers to create more than 100 themed rooms with different styles to meet the needs of different guests. Haocai Chinese Restaurant carefully selects high-quality local dishes from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, showing its original authentic flavor. You can taste a variety of authentic native dishes in a stylish restaurant full of neo-classical charm without leaving your home.